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Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious crime that carries stiff penalties in Massachusetts. If you have been arrested for DUI — also referred to as operating under the influence (OUI) — you face lengthy incarceration, heavy fines and suspension of your driving privileges. With so much at risk, you cannot afford to fight an OUI charge on your own. You need competent, aggressive counsel by your side.

Our Plymouth DUI lawyers at the Studley Law Offices have 38 years of combined trial experience. We demand prosecutors meet their burden of proof, we tear apart their evidence, and we challenge the validity of the Breathalyzer® and field sobriety tests results. Because we know the serious consequences that an OUI conviction has on your family, job, and freedom, we are determined to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

The Breathalyzer® test

The Breathalyzer® test measures your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). You are presumed under the influence of alcohol if you register a BAC of .08 or greater. Our DUI lawyers in Taunton keep up-to-date on the latest court cases and scientific evidence that questions the accuracy and admissibility of the results produced by Breathalyzer® devices.

Reckless driving charges and acquittals of OUI

In some cases, our DUI lawyers in Plymouth can negotiate your charge down to a reckless driving conviction that allows you to avoid a jail sentence and the stigma of an OUI on your criminal record. We are often successful in plea negotiations because we have a reputation for being thoroughly prepared for trial and for refusing to back down.

In one recent case, we defended a client who had everything at stake — a new baby, a new home and his marriage. He would have lost his job if convicted of DWI. Our Taunton DUI lawyers were able to win an acquittal within seven minutes.

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