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The Studley Law Offices is dedicated to children’s well-being. The courts have recognized our exceptional knowledge about children’s issues, appointing lawyer John Studley as guardian ad litem in more than 40 child custody disputes and estate settlement cases. Our Plymouth county family lawyers have 38 years of combined experience guiding families through the adoption and guardianship processes. We answer your questions and walk you step-by-step through each stage of your case.

Adoption in Massachusetts

The day you bring your child home is one of the most exciting times of your life. The adoption process however, can be challenging. Our lawyers in Plymouth County assist you through every step of the process — from choosing the right adoption options to participating in a home study and ultimately the finalization of your adoption. The adoption services we offer include:

  • Adoptions through the Massachusetts Health and Human Services Department
  • Stepchild adoptions
  • Agency adoptions
  • Private adoptions
  • Contracts for open adoptions
  • Home study preparations
  • Refuting negative home study results
  • Filing court documents
  • Petitions for finalization of adoption
  • International adoptions
  • Legal name changes
  • Adoption disputes
  • Termination of parental rights issues

Guardianship laws of MA

Parents are typically considered the guardians of their children, but certain circumstances require the courts to appoint another adult to serve as their guardian. The probate court appoints a guardian when the parents of minors die — usually the person the parents name in their last wills. If parents are found unfit, the family law courts may appoint a temporary or permanent guardian to care for the children. Our attorneys advise you about guardianship of minor children, including if you are:

  • A guardian appointed by the court
  • A parent naming a guardian through your testamentary documents
  • An individual who is petitioning the court for guardianship rights
  • A family member who is contesting guardianship in probate court

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When involved in an adoption or guardianship case in Middleborough, MA or the surrounding areas, contact the Studley Law Offices. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 508-923-7207 or 800-640-2889 or contact us online.

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