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Collisions involving tractor-trailers and other large trucks frequently cause catastrophic injury due to the vehicles’ size and weight. If you have been hurt in a collision involving a commercial vehicle, you deserve compensation that will cover your medical care and allow you to heal without worrying about your financial security. Since 1988, Studley Law Offices in Middleborough has delivered skillful, aggressive advocacy in personal injury and wrongful death litigation stemming from truck accidents. No matter what led to the crash in your case, we have the skill and determination to help you and your family through the tragic situation.

Truck accidents in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a densely populated state with some of the busiest highways in the country. At all hours, you can find big rigs on interstates like I-495 and I-93, as well as on local roads. Regardless of the hour or location, there is a risk of a serious truck accident. If you’re unlucky enough to be in one, you need an attorney who has extensive experience litigating auto accident cases in area courts. Attorney John E. Studley Jr. knows what it takes to win a substantial verdict and he is always prepared to go to trial if the settlement offer is inadequate.

Common causes of truck accidents

Many of the factors that commonly cause car crashes can also trigger commercial vehicle accidents, but there are additional and enhanced risks associated with large truck operation, such as:

  • Sleep deprivation of drivers who have spent long hours on the road
  • Drivers’ illegal use of stimulants or other drugs
  • Speeding by drivers in order to make deadlines
  • Tire blowouts, brake failures and other problems caused by negligent maintenance
  • Careless driving, poor road conditions and defective brakes that can lead to jackknifed tractor-trailers
  • Overloaded or unevenly loaded cargo
  • Distractions, such as text messaging
  • Weather conditions that make it difficult to maneuver a large vehicle

Whatever contributed to your truck accident injury, our firm will work diligently in pursuit of the maximum financial recovery based on the facts in your case.

Liability in a truck accident claim

In most auto accident cases, the owner of the vehicle causing the crash is either the driver or someone in the driver’s family. This is not the case in many truck accident claims. While a commercial vehicle operator might be legally liable, so could their employer or the trucking company that owns and maintains the vehicle. If the crash was triggered by mechanical failure or a tire blowout, a manufacturer could be legally responsible. We review the circumstances closely to find all of the defendants that contributed to your injury.

Firm conducts thorough investigation of the crash site to strengthen plaintiffs’ cases

Most large corporations have risk-management teams whose purpose is to assess damages and to minimize costs to the company. These companies hire investigators to construct a story that helps them avoid their legal responsibility. This is when it is critical to have an effective injury lawyer on your side, who can act quickly to counter their skewed findings. We send our own investigators to the scene to get the truth and to protect your right to obtain the compensation you deserve. Specific elements of our fact-finding process could include the following:

  • Photographing the scene of the accident
  • Measuring skid marks
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Obtaining independent mechanics’ reports
  • Subpoenaing records from the trucking company
  • Investigating accident history of the driver and companies
  • Identifying other potential contributing factors, such as signs placed too close to the highway or construction debris

You can rely on our firm to take the steps necessary to develop the strongest possible legal case for you.

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