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More than 400,000 Massachusetts residents go to the hospital every year after suffering an injury. In many of these cases, the incident was caused not by the victim, but by someone else’s negligence. At Studley Law Offices in Middleborough, we draw on more than three decades of experience in pursuit of justice for injured clients. Whether your case stems from an auto accident, a fall on someone else’s property or a different type of incident that was the result of someone else’s carelessness, our firm provides you with the competent, professional representation you need to maximize your damage award.

Types of personal injury claims

Since 1988, we have succeeded in achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients through our fierce determination and meticulous preparation. Our team can help you in cases involving:

  • Auto accidents— While many vehicle collision claims are resolved through settlements, we aggressively pursue your rights at trial if the auto insurance companies offer you less than you deserve.
  • Trucking accidents— Our exhaustive preparations and unyielding determination are instrumental in obtaining maximum compensation from commercial truck companies and drivers.
  • Motorcycle accidents— If you were hurt in a motorcycle accident due to a negligent driver or another careless party, we will press to hold the liable defendants accountable.
  • Wrongful death— We treat your grieving family with compassion as we pursue justice against the individuals or corporations that caused the fatal accident.
  • Premises liability— In cases where a victim was hurt on someone else’s property, our firm works to prove that that party responsible for the premises did not take appropriate safety measures.
  • Slip and fall — Spilled liquid in a supermarket, ice on a sidewalk or other hazards can trigger a slip and fall that requires the victim to receive medical treatment.

Attorney John E. Studley Jr. handles these types of personal injury matters and others so that residents of Plymouth County and the surrounding areas receive the compensation they deserve.

When should you hire a PI attorney?

Once you’ve received the medical attention required for your injury, the next priority should be to hire a qualified personal injury attorney. You might be contacted quickly by a defendant or their insurer with a quick settlement offer. This is a tactic used to take advantage of victims who might not realize the amount of compensation they could collect in a legal claim. Moreover, the scene of your accident could change over time and witnesses might become harder to locate. Acting promptly to retain legal counsel gives you the best chance to build the most persuasive case.

Our contingency fees mean you don’t pay attorneys’ fees until you receive compensation

Medical costs associated with a personal injury can place a great deal of pressure on you and your family if you have not been reimbursed by your insurance company for out-of-pocket costs. If you are unable to work due to your medical condition, the situation might even be worse. We seek to ease the strain your injuries have placed on your financial security. Our firm does not charge you for attorneys’ fees until we have recovered compensation through a settlement or verdict. In the unlikely event that we do not win damages for you, we will not bill you at all. This contingency arrangement is thoroughly explained to you during your no-obligation, free consultation.

We are available to our clients

Key to our settlement and trial successes is our availability to our clients. We promptly notify you regarding updates in your case and return calls to answer your questions. If your injury prevents you from traveling to our office, our accident lawyer can come to your home or hospital.

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To learn about your right to recover compensation for your personal injury in Massachusetts, contact the Studley Law Offices by calling 508-923-7207 or contacting us online. We offer a no-obligation, free consultation. Our office is in Middleborough. 

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