Valid Massachusetts Prenuptial Agreements

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More than just a personal and spiritual relationship, marriage is also a financial partnership. During the course of your marriage, you may comingle assets, use your money to purchase jointly owned property, acquire assets together and make personal sacrifices to promote your family’s financial well-being. A prenuptial agreement protects you and your partner as you prepare to engage in a lifelong commitment.

The Studley Law Offices analyzes your individual financial situation and advises you on wealth management strategies. With 38 years of combined experience, our Taunton lawyers have the insight to protect your interests while remaining cognizant of the sensitive nature of premarital negotiations. Throughout the process, we treat both you and your partner with respect and dignity.

Importance of each partner retaining representation

A premarital agreement affects your rights to property distribution if your marriage ends. Because of the impact the contract has the rights of both parties, you should each retain qualified counsel. Our lawyers in Taunton ensure that the contract reflects your objectives and protects your assets. Your partner’s counsel should also have the opportunity to review the terms for fairness. If you are both properly represented, you minimize the risk of a Massachusetts court later determining that your prenuptial contract is invalid.

Advising you on personal asset protection

Comingling your personal and marital assets puts your wealth in jeopardy — even if you have a valid prenuptial contract. Dipping into your family’s financial resources to repair the roof on your individually owned real estate, for example, or depositing your paycheck into your personal bank account muddles the distinction between your marital and personal property. However, employing solid accounting practices can also assist you in proving which property belongs to you and to the marriage. Our Bridgewater lawyer guides you on the steps you should take during your marriage to preserve your individual assets.

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