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A child custody dispute is heart-wrenching to the parents involved in the battle. Your rights as a parent, the time you get to spend with your children, the close relationships you have developed and even your very access to your children may be at stake. Receiving effective, practical instructions on how to resolve your child custody and visitation conflict is crucial.

The child custody attorneys at the Studley Law Offices have 38 years of combined experience in resolving child custody matters. Taunton lawyers John E. Studley Jr. has been appointed by the Massachusetts courts as a guardian ad litem in more than 40 high-conflict divorce and custody cases. Because of his reputation as an effective custody attorney, John has been asked to speak as a panelist at the Probate and Family Court Department Substance Abuse Training Workshop and has taught continuing legal education courses about child custody issues to other Massachusetts lawyers. We are here to advise you on issues that include obtaining custody, modifying visitation, arguing for or against relocation, and proving or disproving paternity.

Benefits of mediation in resolving child custody disputes

A child custody dispute does not always have to be hostile. Even if the other parent at first refuses to cooperate, you may still be able to reach a settlement that meets your objectives. Mediation offers a positive method for resolving child custody disputes. The process involves a trained facilitator who guides you toward an equitable settlement. Benefits of the technique include:

  • Often less expensive than trial
  • Usually reaches resolution more quickly than litigation
  • Promotes cooperation between parents for the benefit of your children
  • Reduces the stress associated with contentious disputes in the courtroom
  • Puts the decisions in your hands, rather than the judge’s

Our Taunton lawyers thoroughly prepare you for your mediation sessions and remain with you throughout the process, strategically advancing negotiations toward your goals.

Child custody trials

Not all child custody cases can be resolved through mediation. Especially, if the other parent is abusive or otherwise unfit, the courtroom provides you with an effective forum for resolving your dispute. Our lawyers in Taunton assertively pursue your rights and the best interests of your children at family law hearings.

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