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An automobile accident is a terrifying event. Afterwards, you may feel shocked and uncertain about what to do. Our Plymouth personal injury lawyers at the Studley Law Offices believe that preparedness is empowerment. Read our action list of what you should do during the moments following your car crash and schedule your no-obligation, free consultation with our Plymouth auto accident lawyer to discuss your plan for your legal case. With our 38 years of combined experience, we can assist you with complex issues and maximize your damages.

1. Obtain the medical care you need

Getting necessary medical care is of paramount importance. Even minor collisions can result in unapparent injuries that can have long-term effects on your health. An examination by a doctor ensures that you receive the treatments you need to recover. Your doctors’ reports also create valuable evidence at trial regarding the cause, nature and extent of your injuries.

2. Collect evidence

In a court of law, facts are established by evidence. Our auto accident lawyers in Plymouth begin our investigation of your case as soon as you retain us. You can assist by collecting valuable evidence at the accident scene. Take photographs of the cars, skid marks, roadway and other relevant factors. Write down the names of witnesses so that we can contact them for details. Record your immediate recollection of the facts in a journal while your memory is still fresh.

3. File an accident report with your insurance company

Report your accident to your insurance company to receive immediate coverage for medical treatments. Prompt notification of your insurance company can also expedite such important matters as car repairs and reimbursement of medical costs.

4. Retain legal counsel as soon as possible

Massachusetts laws impose strict deadlines for filing personal injury lawsuits. If you fail to file by the statute of limitations, you permanently may forfeit your rights to pursue the full amount of damages to which you are entitled. Our Taunton auto accident lawyer offers you a no-obligation, free consultation to discuss the facts of your case, advise you about next steps and explain all potential outcomes.

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