Violent Crimes in Massachusetts

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You have the right to an attorney if you have been charged with a violent crime. Before you say anything or give police anything, clearly express your decision to exercise this crucial constitutional right. Law enforcement must stop the interrogation and allow you the opportunity to contact a Taunton lawyer.

Our attorneys at the Studley Law Offices have 38 years of combined experience defending individuals charged with violent crimes. We are ready to fight for you in the criminal courts — including in cases involving rape, assault and battery.

Challenging forensic evidence

Police often collect forensic evidence — such as DNA, fingerprints, blood splatters, firearm angle and ballistics — at the scene of a violent crime. Because it is based on science, jurors tend to accept forensic evidence as proof. However, this evidence often does not prove what prosecutors claim. Our lawyers in Plymouth are well informed on the case law and scientific studies regarding the accuracy and reliability of specific types of collection techniques, testing and results. We consult experts and present clear arguments that challenge the prosecution’s forensic evidence.

Witness testimony

Victims offer compelling testimony that can often sway jurors. Although we feel compassion for true victims of crime, our Bridgewater lawyersvehemently protect you from witnesses lying or who have innocently mistaken you for the perpetrator. During the discovery stage, we meticulously review the facts surrounding the alleged crime and the backgrounds of the state attorney’s witnesses to determine their motivation and the truthfulness of their statements.

Massachusetts sex offenders database

A rape conviction has repercussions long beyond the completion of a prison sentence. Upon release from incarceration, individuals convicted of certain crimes are labeled sex offenders and required to register with the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB). This database is accessible by the public — including employers, neighbors and family members. Of vital importance to our Plymouth lawyers is keeping you off the sex offender list if you are charged with rape or another sex crime.

Learn how our Middleborough attorneys prepare a successful defense if you have been charged with a violent crime

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